Dendera and Abydos

The Dendera temple was dedicated to the goddess Hathor, the goddess of motherhood and love. This grandiose temple is over 2000 years old. In the temple, you will visit the holy lake, the Mamisi sanatorium and the only surviving image of Pharaoh Cleopatra.

Your guide will also show you the beautiful astronomical paintings on the ceiling and the enigmatic carvings in the temple’s crypt. We leave the Dendra temple and drive for about an hour (100 km.) until we arrive at Abydos. In Abydos we will have lunch and then start our cultural program in this historic city. Abydos was the god worshiped by Osiris and it was one of the most important religious cities of antiquity. In the temple of Abydos you will learn about the eternal struggle between good and evil, the myth of Horus and Set. Admire the very well-preserved reliefs and colors in the temple of Abydos, such as hieroglyphic images and symbols, clearly and accurately carved into stone. The king list from Abydos and Pharaoh Ramses II with the crown prince hunting wild bulls are some of the special scenes in the temple!

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