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KExplore the oldest of the Egyptian Pyramids, the Step Pyramid of Saqqara, Memphis, the famous Pyramids of Giza, one of the seven wonders of the world and the Sphinx. Visit the Egyptian National Museum and Islamic Cairo, Saladin’s Citadel, Mohammed Ali’s Alabster Mosque and the oldest bazaar, Khan El khalili

2 Days Cairo Tour by Private car

2 Days Cairo Tour by Private car

Private Day Trip to Cairo from Hurghada
Private Day Trip to Cairo from Hurghada
2 Day Trip from Marsa Alam to Cairo by Plane
Cairo Tour from Hurghada by Plane
Private Day Trip to Cairo from Hurghada
Day Trip to the Pyramids – Exclusive Private Cairo Excursion
Private Day Trip to Cairo from Hurghada Private Day Trip to Cairo from Hurghada 2 Day Trip from Marsa Alam to Cairo by Plane Cairo Tour from Hurghada by Plane Private Day Trip to Cairo from Hurghada Day Trip to the Pyramids – Exclusive Private Cairo Excursion


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2 Days Cairo Tour

We pick you up from your hotel. You will travel to Cairo in a comfortable air-conditioned vehicle. Upon arrival in Cairo, first of all, you will find:
Sightseeing tour of the outskirts of Cairo and the step pyramid of Saqqara. The step pyramid of Saqqara of the ancient Egyptian king Djoser from the 3rd Dynasty Star.  Empire around 2650 BC is the oldest of the Egyptian pyramids. Djoser fell at the age of 19 years of reign erected a monumental tomb that had never existed before.

The step pyramid is completely built of limestone. The burial chamber was at a depth of 28 meters. After we will visit the alabaster sphinx and the colossal statue of Ramses II.

The Alabaster Sphinx is located in the city of Memphis, about 24 km south of Cairo. The Alabaster Sphinx  dates from the time of Amenhotep II and is 8 meters long. The colossal statues of Ramses II are limestone statues that are still 10 meters high.

Then we drive to a nice local restaurant for lunch. After lunch we go to the famous pyramids of Giza. The pyramids of Giza were built between 2620 and 2500 BC. Giza Pyramid Field important cemetery since the 1st Dynasty.

The Pyramids of Giza belong to the most famous and oldest surviving structures of mankind, they stand on the western edge of the Nile Valley. The largest and probably the most famous pyramid is the pyramid of Pharaoh Cheops. He reigned around 2620-2580. BC. The pyramid of Cheops was built from about three million stone blocks. The middle pyramid belongs to the pharaoh Khafre, who ruled from about 2558 to 2532 BC. in
The smallest of the three pyramids of Giza is the pyramid of Pharaoh Menkaure, who ruled from about 2532 to 2503 BC Enjoy fantastic views of Cairo from the plateau.

Now our next stop is a visit to the nearby Sphinx.
The Sphinx rose from the sands of the Egyptian desert for more than four millennia, representing most of the time it was covered with the sand of the Egyptian desert, which contributed to its preservation. The nose and beard are cut off. The Sphinx represents the recumbent lion a human head and was probably built during the 4th Dynasty from about 2520 to 2494 BC.The Sphinx was carved from the remains of a limestone mound that was used as a quarry for The pyramid of Cheops served.

Remains of paint on the ear of the Sphinx suggest that the figure was originally painted in color. Thutmose IV erected between the paws of the Sphinx
the so-called dream stele, an inscription from his life and his calling to the pharaoh reported.

After these impressive experiences, we will take you back to your hotel where you will have time to relax. Before dinner, you have the opportunity to see the sound and light show at the Pyramids.


2nd Day of Trip to Cairo

After breakfast, the guide will pick you up from your hotel and we will drive to Old Cairo. Here we will visit the Citadel of Saladin, the Alabaster Mosque and El-Khalili Bazaar.  Saladin Citadel and Alabaster Mosque Saladin Citadel is one of the few surviving fortified complexes of the city of Cairo, the citadel was only accessible for about 20 years Publicity. The construction of the citadel began in 1176 to protect the city of Cairo from attacks. From here you can enjoy a fantastic wide view of Cairo and on a clear day you can see the pyramids on the horizon.

The gunpowder store of the citadel, the palace was destroyed in 1824 and was never rebuilt, instead Muhammad Ali started the construction of a large mosque in the Turkish style. The walls of the mosque are covered with alabaster, hence the name “Alabaster Mosque”.
Then we drive along one of the oldest streets of Cairo to the Kan el-Khalili bazaar. Khan el-Khalili Bazaar is a bazaar in the old city of Cairo, there are many coffee houses and shops, as well as traditional craft workshops. Before we visit the Egyptian Museum in Cairo we will take a break for lunch and enjoy a delicious lunch.

The Egyptian Museum in Cairo is the world’s largest museum of ancient Egyptian art and culture.
The Egyptian Museum in Cairo is located in the center of Cairo on El-Tahrir Square and was opened in 1900. It contains more than 150 thousand artifacts. Today the largest collection of ancient Egyptian art and culture. The museum occupies over two floors with over 100 rooms. Here is a small list of objects that can be seen in the Egyptian Museum in Cairo.

  • Gold Mask of Pharaoh Psusennes I
  • Objects from various excavations
  • About 1700 pieces from the find of Tutankhamun’s tomb
  • Artifacts from royal tombs
  • Mummies and Coffins
  • Tomb furnishings
  • Objects from the tomb of Queen Hetepheres I the mother of Cheops
  • Mummies of the New Kingdom pharaohs from the 18th to the 20th dynasty
  • Jewelry of Queen Ahhotep I

We are Sun&Fun Reisen team, organize private and individual excursions at your request all over Egypt!
Send an inquiry to our experienced guides with your wishes – and we will prepare a specially designed tour for you!



All transfers in an air-conditioned and comfortable vehicle, our buses have 14 seats.
Overnight stay in a 4 star hotel in Cairo. PS Single supplement 20 euros

All entrance fees for the mentioned visits and services.

Lunch, dinner, breakfast, lunch.

Experienced and competent English-speaking guide.

Soft drinks on the bus.

Any additions not mentioned in the itinerary.
Drinks in the restaurant.

Any additions not mentioned in the itinerary.

Dthe entrance tickets for the special sights, such as the burial chamber cheops pyramid are not included and must be redeemed on site.


Preparation for the trip

Please bring it with you

Please order your breakfast package at the reception one day before the excursion.

Sun protection.

Comfort shoes.

Warm clothing in winter (e.g. sweater or jacket)

  • Book an unforgettable trip to Cairo and immerse yourself in the world of the ancient Egyptians and pharaohs.
  • Admire one of the seven wonders of the world the Pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx.
  • Visit the oldest pyramid in Egypt (The Step Pyramid of Saqqara).
  • Visit the Egyptian National Museum.
  • Enjoy free time in the old famous Khan El Khalili Bazaar.
  • Marvel at the Saladin Citadel and the Alabaster Mosque of Mohammed Ali.
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