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El Gouna is called the Egyptian Venice for a reason. Located 25 km north of Hurghada International Airport, this city stretches along the Red Sea in a total area of 25,000 sq.m.
El Gouna is the youngest city in Egypt. Here, European and Oriental influences blend in architectural style and lifestyle like no other city in Egypt. From Hurghada, you can reach the city in 30 minutes. Until the late 1980s, there was nothing north of Hurghada but the desert and the Red Sea.
However, people must have lived here in the past. The remains of the port still testify to this. They mark the southern border of El Gouna. Egyptian contractor Samih Onsi Sawiris, who owns Egypt’s largest construction company (ORASCOM), bought this beautiful piece of land from the Egyptian state under certain conditions. They said that there should be a project that promotes tourism. Initially, only a few hotels were planned. The construction project continued to spread. A hospital, a school, a school of hotel management and apartments were built. That is why Savaris is also called the man who brought the desert to life. Over the past few decades, the city has emerged from nothing.

Here you can find a wide variety of building styles, and yet somehow everything fits together. A little Nubian, a little Sardinian-Mediterranean, Yemeni along the new port, then Venetian, etc. Sunset at the port will forever remain in your memory.

Now almost 20,000 people live in El Gouna. Over the past few years, more than 18 hotels of different price categories have been built. When looking at some of these hotels, one gets the impression that a mirage arises, they are so unrealistically beautiful. Equipped with every comfort, you will not need anything.

El Gouna Egypt Sightseeing

There is a fish farm and a poultry farm. For you to have variety, Sawaris has taken care of this beautiful place. You can visit El Gouna Aquarium.
There is a golf course, a marina from where you can go on a day trip on the Red Sea, go diving, snorkeling, catamaran or just take an unforgettable boat trip. The winery and many other interesting things can be visited right in El Gouna.

Egypt – El Gouna – Holidays

If you’ve decided to vacation in Egypt with the unique city of El Gouna in mind, you’re literally on the safe side. This enchanting city on the Red Sea is one of the safest and youngest cities in Egypt. Crossed by canals, it is also called the Venice of the Orient. The whole flair falls away during a stroll through the city in the evening. Furthermore, El Gouna is the starting point for numerous activities, so there is plenty of variety on your vacation.

This interesting city has so much to offer that a holiday in El Gouna will be a special experience!

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Entertaining Tours and Excursions in El Gouna

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