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What sights are there in Egypt?

Egypt sights, where to start? Ancient Egypt is one sight. The country looks back on 5000 years of history. Among the top 10 things to do in Egypt that we offer you are Cairo Sights, Giza Pyramids, Luxor Sights, Valley of the Kings. On an Egypt Nile cruise, the lifeline of this country, you will experience the ancient sights of Egypt. The list of Egypt sights is endless. Sightseeing in and from Hurghada ,Egypt Sightseeing in Makadi Bay, Sightseeing in and from Marsa Alam, also Sightseeing in and from El Gouna. Sights from Safaga and also from Sharm el Sheikh. When you look at the Egypt map you will see countless possibilities. There is a wide spectrum from sights in Aswan to Cairo. The Qena sights of Dendara and Abydos are in the desert.

Luxor tourist attractions

Luxor is one of the most popular cities in Egypt with its monuments from the past. Countless Egypt Luxor sights gave it the name City of Palaces. The temple city of Karnak is particularly worth seeing. Its ruins are among the largest ancient temple structures in the world. Equally impressive is the Temple of Luxor. The temple has a magical effect, especially in the evening hours when it is illuminated by atmospheric light. The Habu Temple is another sight on our itinerary. The Luxor Museum of Egyptian Art offers interesting information about these stone witnesses. It’s worth a visit. We take you on a detailed and fascinating journey into the past. The highlights at Egypt Luxor attractions are the Valley of the Kings. As well as trips to the impressive Temple of Hatshepsut and the Valley of the Queens.

Egypt Hurghada tourist attractions

You can experience the best Hurghada sights on a Hurghada city tour. The El Mina Mosque and the Coptic Church of St. Shenuda leave lasting impressions. In the Hurghada Museum we bring you closer to the history of the area. Impressive finds from the past are on display there. In the Hurghada Grand Aquarium you have the opportunity to be captivated by the richness of species and the fascinating underwater world of the Red Sea. With a trip to the monastery of St. Paul you round off your knowledge of Egypt Hurghada sights.

You can experience the best Hurghada sights on our Hurghada city tour. The El Mina Mosque and the Coptic Church of St. Shenuda leave lasting impressions. The fish and fruit and vegetable market is an interesting contrast to the cultural part of the city.

El Gouna Egypt Sightseeing

The Venice of Egypt. You can really relax on a lagoon cruise past the mangroves. A completely different atmosphere to the rest of the country. Impressive ships of different sizes will amaze you in the marina. From the observation tower you have an overview of the entire area and the beauty of El Gouna.

Egypt Marsa Alam tourist attractions

Marsa Alam is the Eldorado for water sports enthusiasts in Egypt. Let yourself be impressed by the unbelievable biodiversity of the Red Sea. You will experience the wonderful blaze of color with us. A special experience in Abu Dabab is to swim and snorkel with a manatee or the turtles. Watch the dolphins in their natural environment

Sights in Cairo that we will visit is the Museum of Civilization. Experience Islamic Cairo such as the Salladin Citadel and El Moaz Street. In the center of old Cairo is the Coptic Quarter. There are many well-preserved churches here. El Muallaqua is one of the most iconic churches in the entire Coptic Quarter. You also have the opportunity to visit the Jewish monuments (Ben Ezra) in this district. At the climax, you will have a lasting memory of the entire city at a height of 160 m from the TV tower (Zamalek).